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    Default AK Fish Finder

    I am not sure if this is beyond forum rules, but i wanted to let people know about a cool site that aims to plot out all the great fishing locations in Alaska. You can map out your trips, hotspots, and photos on an interactive map. The site is (AK Fish Finder). Let me know what you think, as i think it will be great if we can start visualizing each others fishing trips.

    Also forgot to mention, we are really trying to fill in as much detail about the fishing areas around the state. We have plotted a majority of them, but need your help to fill in details about each. After logging in/signing up please go to the map tab and fill in any information you know about your favorite fishing holes. Just zoom in, click a fish marker, and click Edit Location. After a week of everyone populating the locations, we think it can become very helpful (power in numbers)!

    Tight lines,

    Dave O

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    Default No thanks

    I dont feel people who value their fishing holes are going to want to post their hot spots for others to fish them without doing their own homework or "earn" their reward. Good luck.


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