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Thread: Jetsprints... Holy cows!

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    Default Jetsprints... Holy cows!

    just got into Singapore a little while ago and couldn't sleep so I turned on the tube to some Australian Sports Channel. I though I was watching fast motion at first, these guys are unbelievable! After further research I found that we have the same thing in Idaho. Pretty cool if you haven't seen it before, these boys are flying. Probably the perfect ride for the Little Su ;-)
    By the way, they guys I watched on TV are running the same course 20 seconds faster!

    Only 7 more months until the kings are in!!


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    Default WOW!

    Those are pretty awesome. I think I seen those guys on the little su!
    I want one.

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    Default Movin'

    They don't appear to have much room for fish or fuel; But they get with the program they are designed for, MOVIN'.
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    Default Fun to drive

    I started many years ago running K and SK raceboats running cirlces like sprint cars on water. 1000 horsepower on blown alcohol is a rush. I lived in OR and graduated to river running jets. Only 500-600hp in a shorter boat. What a rush. We finally went to roll cages on the boats. When you lost power at 70-80 mph you lost steering. Those gravel bars come up quick. I have since moved on to 26 ft boat in Valdez but I still see a race boat and yearn for that rush. I think my kids and grandkids would frown a bit anyway. Sad sigh.... BTW my wife has forbid me for hopping up the engine on my big boat.


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