Picked up a used Leupold RX-1 rangefinder today for REALLY reasonable. No destructions, so I'm trying to download them from Leupold's site. So far, I've discovered that my previous range guesstimation skills are, well, not quite accurate! These newfangled gizmos they've come up with sure seem to make life a lot easier. Still trying to get up to speed on the GPS thing, so I keep good maps and a compass in the pack along with the FRS radio and batteries for everything!!! The rangefinder is a lot simpler, point, push the button, and hold it steady, as this thing WILL read on leaves, branches, and chain link fence! Found the '150' setting that ignores objects closer than 150 yards, which helps out a bunch, waiting for a snowstorm or rain to see how it does in that.....I can already see where a backlit screen would come in handy.