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Thread: 2009 Polaris 850

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    Default 2009 Polaris 850

    I'm thinking about trading up next year. I have a 2005 Polaris 500 Sportsman. I saw an advertisement yesterday reference the new 2009 Polaris 850. I don't think I need to upgrade, because I have been happy with my 500 for years, but ... Obviously, since it is a 2009 model, there probably aren't too many of them in the woods yet. But, I'm hoping someone reading this has either purchased or demo rode one and can give me their opinion. Thanks in advance and come on out and play in the fresh snow.
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    Well the Polaris Sportsman 850 would be a big upgrade if you got it.
    Some features it has are
    70 horse power twin cylinder engine
    anti kick back steering
    dual A arm suspension
    larger radiator
    14" rims
    active descent control
    but the part i dont like about it is
    the weight 784 pounds
    and the price is 9,700$

    I think its worth it if you have the money

    this is the special edition which is probably 10,000$ or more.

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    No offense , but I have never cared much for Polaris wheelers, and I surely dont care for one that weighs almost 800 lbs!


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