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Thread: Oil changes?

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    Default Oil changes?

    So, I was doing some maintenance on the 99 AC 500 and was wondering what everyone else thought about engine oil and gear oil changes. I got shafted hard at the dealership and bought the 50 dollar oil change kit but did get a gallon of synthetic oil. Usually the oil change is yearly, but with synthetic, can you/do you want to run it longer?

    With draining the differential, I got a semi-milky oil coming out and wondered how often it is recommended to change?

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    I change the oil in my ranger every 50 hours, regardless.

    As for differentials, any time I get water in it I drain it. It can get spend if I run a lot of water but I ran longer breather lines so I have to get up over 3 ft to take water in. I ran across someone on this board eearlier this summer who took a vid of me running the mud pit half way up Baldy, I got my ass wet but the diffs stayed water-free.
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