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Thread: Snowy ride to the glacier

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    Default Snowy ride to the glacier

    Well, took a couple friends to the glacier today. They will have to trust me that there actually is a glacier there!! Had light to med snow on the way in and pretty heavy snow driven by a pretty stiff breeze on the way out. Between the snow falling and the flat light, it made it a fun ride back. Hit a couple of holes with between 3 and 4' of the white stuff in them. I felt like I was on the sled they way the snow was coming over the front end!! But a bad riding is still better than a good day at work!!

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    Get any pics?

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    Yeah I hear ya!

    We went up (almost all the way) to the KB-29 crashsite out church road in Wasilla last weekend. The climb wasn't bad at all (3-5") on the trail, but up top it was deep! We were hittin drifts that were 3'-4', had to turn back once we got to where the muskeg starts bc my wheeler was overheating (sorta funny cuz of all the snow, but the snow was packin my radiator and not letting any air in). We saw a "pack" of moose...14 roaming around together, most bulls, and then a few more in groups of 3-4!! Overall, like eric said, bad day riding better than a good day workin!!!

    Oh yeah, what happened to the parking area that we used to use there, its fenced up now!
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