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Thread: scent control and gear

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    Default scent control and gear

    How far does everyone take scent control when trapping lynx, fox, and wolf? I already plan on running my traps in the dish washer, letting them rust a bit outside, boil them again, and then waxing them to seal off scent as suggested on the waxing traps post. But as far as foot wear and taking care not to leave scent around the traps I dont really know where to start. I was thinking of getting rubber gloves to try to put on over my warm ones I'll be wearing in the winter but Im worried that the cold weather will crack them and ruin them. I was also going to buy some big rubber boots to go on over my warm boots and warm gear already. Is this a good idea?
    I was also reading about a guy that brings a broom along and sweeps over his foot prints around his sets. Once you guys seal your traps how do you store them to make sure they stay scent free. Would it be a good idea to store them in a tupper ware container with bits of spuce in there to try to keep them smelling like the woods?

    Is it easier to use snare traps or foothold traps in the deep snow. I use to trap when I was a kid in Arkansas for raccoons and never had a problem with leg holds freezing up down there but we didnt have the extreme cold down there like we get up here. Are leg hold traps likley to freeze up in extreem cold? As far as killing the animal caught in a trap what is the best way to do so with out damaging fur. I was thinking .22 shorts in the head would be a good idea, but I was also thinking about padding up a aluminum or wooden bat to strike them in the head hoping that the padding on the bat would not break the skin. This is a lot of info thrown out there, as I posted earlier, I am not after anyones spot, I am more than eager to scout out my own(I already have a few places in mind), Ive just never done it here before and would like to get some advice from some veterans. Thanks for any help.

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    Default Need not to worry...

    Scent control not as important with lynx, lynx are mainly visual hunters, they could care less about human scent on traps, as so much as a good visual attractant, and a set om location. fox and yote on the other hand, scent control is more of an issue, just wash you traps and wax em, this time of the game you arent going to get enough of a surface rust to matter.



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