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Thread: BOSS resonance balancer - any good?

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    Question BOSS resonance balancer - any good?

    Does anyone have a BOSS screw-on balancer on any of their rifles? If so, are they as good as the ads claim? I'd appreciate any info y'all may have.


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    I won a Browning A-bolt several years ago and it came with a BOSS. I have never adjusted it, but the rifle shoots very well as is. The BOSS takes a lot of kick out of the rifle, a .300 Winchester Magnum, but it is very loud. I shot an elk saturday with it, and my ears were ringing after 1 shot. I think it is a worthwhile device overall.

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    There is a tunning guide floating around based on caliber and bullet weight and it gives you the number to set the boss at. I only remember 2 for 30 cal 180 grain bullets. Check with your local gun shop.

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    I have a BOSS on my 338 A-bolt and the thing shoots well. You tune to the load with the setting. It makes a huge difference in recoil, and I can shoot a 1/2" group at 100 yds without issue with this pretty large caliber rifle. It is loud, but it makes the rifle a tack driver.

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    I had one on a .30-06 Stalker. It's really only useful if you purchase over-the-counter ammunition. If you handload, you can accomplish the same thing (timing the bullet to exit the barrel when it is "dead" and get nice groups) by load development. I had mine before I hand loaded and was able to tinker with it to improve groups from 1 1/2" to 1" at 100 yards. It is extremely loud and damaging to the unprotected ear.
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    I have a .375 H&H with the BOSS.

    I have never fired it with the recoil reducing attachment, only with the "conventional recoil" end piece. My hearing is already terrible, and I want to keep what's left.

    The attachment is not pretty; to me it spoils the lines of the rifle. I considered having the barrel shortened, but after some more load development I decided to keep it

    This rifle will put the 300 Hornady RN bullets into a group of 1.25" on at 100 yards, and will put the 270 TSX into the same size group 3" high at 100 yards. This is with the BOSS set at "5" for both loads. I'm happy with these two loads for anything I might do with the rifle.


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