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Thread: Looking for instruction

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    Question Looking for instruction

    I just moved back to Alaska a couple years ago. I wasn't much of a hunter when I was a young kid and know very little. I read a couple books (Rich Hackenberg) and studied the Love, Thunder and Bull 2 dvd. I have gone out and hunted last year and this year with not even a sighting. I've been looking for a good hunting partner and/or someone who knows what they are doing to learn from.
    I'm considering going after caribou this year. I'm really not in hunting for the trophy antlers, but the meat for the family.
    If you have ideas you can share, I would really appreciate it. PM me if that seems more appropriate way to respond.

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    Welcome aboard, Gerry. It's great that you're looking for a hunting partner to show you the ropes, but until you find one, one of the best things you can do is check in here a few times a week and read as much as you can. I've been a member here for a few years and I still learn new information every day. There are men and women on here that have more hunting experience than I could hope to attain, and many of them are willing to share what they know when asked. I'll ask questions from time to time and offer feedback where I can, but more than anything I just read and learn while on here.

    You might also consider taking a hunter education course from ADF&G. Not only will this allow you to learn some great info about hunting and meat care, but having this will allow you to hunt in some restricted areas only open to those who have taken this course.

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    Default Reply to Gerry

    Hi Gerry,

    Welcome aboard! Drop me a pm; I can't promise anything, but it might be fun to chase caribou again. I might be up for something next fall if you're interested...

    LOST CREEK COMPANY: Specializing in Alaska hunt consultation and planning for do-it-yourself hunts, fully outfitted hunts, and guided hunts.
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    germe1967 i know what you mean
    I've lived here all my life and fished all the time but my father was not a hunter so i've had to learn the ropes so to speak and so far 0 for 8 with my bow with 2 of those being for moose and bou. One day i would love to send an arrow through either a bou, moose, or black bear. not that I haven't passed up on the black bear cause I have atleast 40 stocks to my belt to within 20yrds. all to just pass cause they were to small. when it comes to bou and moose it doesn's matter to me what size antlers or racks they have just as long as I can get some meat for my family. I'm just tired of telling my kids hey dads going hunting and they tell me dad get a moose for me or a black bear or a bou for me and see there dissapointment in there faces when I get home empty handed. I would definitely love to bag a bou but they canceled the winter tierII hunt on me so it just gives me a little more study time. Hey michael where can I get your float book at? You can never learn to much

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    Quote Originally Posted by 06tributeman View Post
    Hey michael where can I get your float book at? You can never learn to much
    I am not Michael, but here you go
    I was at Fred Myers tonight in Palmer and they had a couple copies there as well.
    I am wondering when he is going to put out a CD reading of the book Traveling from the valley to anchorage 5 days a week gives me a lot of time to listen.
    "Give someone a fish and you will feed them for a day. Show someone how to fish and they will just steal your fishing hole and catch more fish then you. Screw them, let them eat chicken!!"

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    So you want to hunt moose. Are you willing to do what it takes? The reason I ask is because I run into a lot of people at work, and my family members, who think they want to hunt moose. They see my partner and I return with two moose every year (10 moose-5 years) and think they want one too. What Rich says in the book is all good stuff. You must dedicate yourself 110%. You need a week, you need to get away from people, you need to hunt very hard, you need to make luck, you need to be driven to the point you can't sleep before the hunt, you need to study moose, you need to study ADF&G records. That is the beginning.
    No offense, I don't know you, but it really takes drive and dedication to kill moose every year. If you are that person you will do well. I did not have any help in learning to hunt but I live and work only to hunt and fish. It has taken a long time to learn and I feel I am just starting to scratch the surface of truly figuring out the game. If you have the drive and desire perhaps I can offer some basic advice.


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