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Thread: CDL, BDL, and once upon a time.. ADL?

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    Default CDL, BDL, and once upon a time.. ADL?

    I'm confused by Remington's labeling. There's several different models of M700's, BDL, CDL, and I remember once an ADL.

    What are the differences? Which is best for what?

    I'm looking for a used left handed 30-06 and I've come across the BDL and the CDL (the ADL seems extinct now) and I'm not sure which is best.


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    Default Cdl bdl

    Classic Deluxe Stock is what I am going to call the CDL 24" nice tapered barrel, Diff. Stock design, Matte Finish metal, no ugly white line spacers. In my mind a very nice balanced LH
    rifle. BDL has gloss finish 22" barrel in non magnum, diff. stock design. Gloss finish wood.
    I sold a CDL LH Rem 700 06 about a year ago. Very nice accurate rifle.

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    The ADL has a blind magazine, and the BDL has a Hinged floor plate. Of the ones I've seen both have stocks with a comb, and cheek piece.

    I wouldn't want a CDL if it has the Classic style stock, but some people prefer it.

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    Default Directly from the Remington site....

    The Model 700 BDL has been the hunter's favorite for 40 years because its strong, smooth action, consistent accuracy, and classic beauty make it an unequaled value. Its high-gloss American walnut stock is enhanced by a distinctive black fore-end cap,
    Monte Carlo comb with raised cheekpiece, and generous skipline cut checkering. Metalwork has our rich, deep bluing for beauty and protection. The Model 700 BDL features a hinged magazine floorplate, sling swivel studs, hooded ramp front sight, and adjustable rear sight.

    The Remington Model 700 CDL (Classic Deluxe) offers renowned accuracy in a classically styled design. The traditional straight-comb American walnut stock includes a satin finish, finely cut checkering, right-handed cheek piece, black fore-end tip and grip cap, and sling swivel studs. The satin blued finish of the barreled action and the jeweled bolt body completes the tasteful design.
    Standard calibers feature 24-inch carbon steel barrels, while magnum calibers sport 26-inch barrels to maximize ballistic performance. Each barrel is clean without sights and the receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mounts. The hinged floor plate magazine has a four round capacity in standard calibers and a three round capacity in magnum calibers.

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    Not to highjack, but I had the same question.

    I found an ADL, is it any good?

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    Default ADL's Any Good?

    Hope to shout and tell ya they are! It's an odd one that doesn't shoot extremely well. One of the biggest values in their day without going into their economy line (788, Express, yadayada). Never cared for the "DuPont RKW" wood finish. When it started peeling (and they all will) they looked like hell. All of the ADL's had walnut stocks, didn't see the birch or whatever they used till the even lower grade guns started coming in. Some considered the blind magazine a detriment, but the stock was just a bit stiffer through that area because of it, and did away with one more way for dirt and junk to get into the bottom metal and magazine.
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    My dad has used a Model 700 ADL in .270 for deer for over 35 years now. Great gun and as accurate as any you'll shoot in .270. The last scope he mounted I shot an oblong hole at 100 yds. with it. I don't know that all of them are that accurate, but they certainly live up to Remington's accuracy reputation. The blind magazine and one less round are the only real differences between the ADL he shoots and the BDL I have. That and his ADL has much nicer wood, mine was very plain and then cracked so it now sports a synthetic stock, but that's another story LOL!!!

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    You can also get a BDL with a DM if you want. I see on ebay they are selling a lot of conversions to switch to a DM.

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    Default LH Remingtons


    You'll mostly see BDLs in LH, CDL if you want a new one (not many used ones around yet,) and they never made the ADL in LH that I know of.
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