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Thread: M1 Carbine fans?

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    Default M1 Carbine fans?

    I've had a lazy eye out for one of these for a couple of years and now I've got a chance to get one. However, I haven't done any home work. Are there any common things to look for with the M1 Carbines that I should know about? Things that could be broken or badly worn but not obvious to the untrained eye? All I know about this one so far is that it's an Inland version and it comes with a bunch of good stuff.
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    Basically, as with any other used gun, you should look at bore condition, % of remaining finish, properly working parts, condition of the wood, etc. Check the barrel date up near the front sight, and the serial number located under the rear sight assembly...there are several on-line resourses that you can check to determine if the barrel is original to the receiver. Some carbines will be a mix of wartime and post war parts from different manufacturers...that's pretty normal as they were often refurbished with no regard for matching up parts. Inland made the most carbines during WWII.

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    Some are original Military, and long afterwards, some reproductions were built and sold commercially, after they became so popular quite a few years back.

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    Default Before You Jump On A Local Gun,

    Check these out. CMP brought back about 30,000 of them from Italy where they'd been used since the Italians went into NATO. They've refurbished a lot of them. The CMP does do a cursory inspection on the things, but pretty much only guarantees that the headspace, bore, and function are 'good'. Beyond that, you have to consider the prices. They still offer genyoooine USGI M1 Carbines for a LOT less than the gunshow goodies floating around at about twice the price of these.....
    Something to think about if you want a carbine, unless the local sale is at a REALLY friendly price! Notice that they have 'Rack Grade' Inlands for $419 and shipping.....


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