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Thread: Yamaha Kodiak 400 clutch question

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    Default Yamaha Kodiak 400 clutch question

    It looks like I finally struck a deal on a wheeler and I am going to pick it up today. I know that it has 26" mud lites and if my information is correct the kodiak does not have a low range. I don't think that there is a clutch kit in the wheeler but I am sure that there has to be one that will offer a good boost on the low end. Any ideas/recomendations? I have also been looking for some good websites to buy performance parts, it seems that JC whitney and Dennis Kirk are focused on tires and have pretty weak information on the few performance parts they sell!

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    I would go to these links and ask the qquestions you have or just search the wealth of knowledge that is there for the questions you have, they'll get you lined out.

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    Here's one to start with, this is a pretty good mudding site and there's lot's of knowledgeable people there. They will point you in the right direction.

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    I have a kodiak 450 and love it...was wondering, how much should a clutch kit cost and what should it come with? Figure someone on here would know.

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