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Thread: getting a puppy to retrieve

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    Default getting a puppy to retrieve

    Have a 8 week GSP. BIRD CRAZY already I already threw her in on a quail and she cant get enough of it... she will whoa already on them... very impressed with her but i'm trying to get her to retireve and she just wants to chase what i throw and then sit down and chew on it. any help her?? I know she is young and still in puppy stage but she will already sit, stay, come, heel and whoa on command and she already goes to the door and whines to go out. she is very smart already but cant seem to understand retrieving.. what do you guys have for me???
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    Default takes time

    You are putting the cart before the horse. You can use this as play time but the things you need to work on are sitting, Here, and healing. If you want to work on the retrieving you need to have the dog on a long lead and start by throwing the small soft puppy dummy 10 feet and when the dog gets it repeat the command "here, here, here" while pulling the lead toward you and when you take it, use the command "release". This will come in time but focus on the basics now. You can go through force fetching once all of the dogs adult teeth are in at about 6 months. Get yourself a couple of books and start there.


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