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Thread: Instrument Instructors in ANC

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    Default Instrument Instructors in ANC

    I will be spending Jan-April in Anchorage. I am a new pilot and I started working on my instrument rating last spring and would like to finish it up, get my tail wheel endorsement and maybe get into some of the commercial requirements. I guess what I am looking for is an instructor reccomendation. I will be in Anchorage for a few upcoming weeks and was hoping to check into the possiblities and meet potential instructors. I have access to a plane but it is in California and I don't plan to get it up to AK until the spring so I would also need to rent a plane as well.

    Please pass along any info you have and feel free to PM me if you prefer!

    Thanks for the help!

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    Default check merril field

    goto merril field check aero tech and some of the others, see if they are what you are looking for. I instruct out of birchwood for people with thier own aircraft. when You get that plane up to Anchorage, give me a call.

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    You can also check out Land and Sea Aviation, and Take Flight. You can also get your TW with Land and Sea.


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