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    Default Fresh Breeze Vetilator

    Fresh Breeze Ventilator

    I’ve been thinking seriously about installing a Nicro vent in my forward hatch, then I ran across the Fresh Breeze Ventilator; wondering if anyone is using one?
    Of course the main purpose here is to help remove excess moisture from the cabin at night and during those cold moist days.
    After reading some posts on the Nicro I’m seeing this Ventilator in a whole new light. Now it’s not Solar so it draws on the house bat, but for use this in fine.
    Low speed: 18 watts
    Medium speed: 30 watts
    High speed: 42 watts
    The other downside is you’d have to pull it each time you need access to the hatch, but perhaps this is better then cutting a large hole in your boat?
    In reality we only access the hatch on occasion when pulling the anchor or setting a fish anchor, so I’m starting to lean toward trying one out.
    It has three speeds which is a plus, and moves a lot more air then the Nicro, maybe too much.
    Low speed: 8,500 cubic feet per hour
    Medium speed: 13,000 cubic feet per hour
    High speed: 16,000 cubic feet per hour

    The Nicro only moves 800 to 2000 cubic feet per hour depending on the modal.

    Then there is this note:
    The ventilator will not accommodate wet weather and should not be used when a boat is underway. Water may damage the unit and void the warranty. This is a portable lightweight appliance that is designed to effectively change the air many times per hour in enclosed cabins. It should be removed and the hatch closed when conditions such as rain exist. This is not viewed as a deterrent since boat and RV owners are in the habit of closing hatches when necessary and the removal of the ventilator will only add one quick step to the process.
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    Honestly, looks like a total pain in the @#$! Especially, if you can't use in the rain, electrical will probably currode within the season. I use a $20 fan the size of a book that runs on batteries. Or do what most do and cut a hole for a solar vent.


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