Went out today by myself couldn't talk any of my hunting partners to go with me. Started out real good spooked a big bull, and cow, and then proceded to trip on a log and soak one whole side of myself. I went to a new area I've been trying out, and built a blind about 1 hour before shooting light, had 42 swans sitting on the pond. They left right about light and had one group of mallards cruise by at light out of range, and then nothing but swans, saw a few birds in the distance as specks. Was able to walk around and jump shoot a widgeon, and gadwall later in the day. Overall was really slow compared to last weekend, really warm but the water was lower, and was able to get a small blind put up for next weekend, if you run into it please leave it alone, also I found something today that looked like it had been lost and was beginning to rust so instead of letting it go to waste I picked it up if you're missing something pm me and describe what it is and where it was at and you can have it back, but I want the story also.