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Thread: Nosler E-Tip

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    Default Nosler E-Tip

    Has anyone tried the Nosler E-Tip? Behavior with game? Accuracy? Thanks a bunch. J.

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    Default E-tip

    Iíve had really good luck with the 180 grain out of My 300 SAUM. Iíve shot several groups under an inch at 100 with them. In fact they are some of the best groups Iíve ever shot. They were also very consistent shooters and shot well in several different loads. Theyíd be my first choice if the 180 tipped X didnít shoot as well and maybe a tad better. I never used one on an animal. I did carry them into the field after sheep and moose but didnít get a shot. I called Nosler two different times and talked to two different people and they both said that the E-tip would perform well down to 1800 fps. I wouldnít hesitate to try them!

    Phil in Anchorage


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