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Thread: 2000 polaris 6x6 bearing problems

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    Default 2000 polaris 6x6 bearing problems

    I have a 2000 Polaris 6X6 and have had the bearings go out 3 times in 1000 miles. This is in the first drive axle and before I caught it it has taken out my concentric twice. I know it is not a bent axle and not a chain tension issue and I keep it greased and has good seals. I tried to talk with Polaris manufacture but they blew me off because I have done my own repairs and I have talked with ever Polaris dealer from Willow to Homer and none of the suggestions has been a cure. Also the axle is not out of alignment. Anybody that has a 6X6 had this problem????????? M-Trailman

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    i dont why they are going out how are your seals? and how is your swing arm bushings? i do know that you can get the bearings cheap at any trailer place they are just a 68149 bearing less than 10 bucks and they last just fine. they have races too that are the same. my 03 i had this problem with and i wiped out the houseing and put in a new one no problmes now. my 07 is pushing 1k miles and not issues at all

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    Default 1999 6x6

    Had the problem also, discovered it when taking it out for service in the spring. The top of the aluminum housing that holds the bearings was cracked from the inside pushing out. I thought there may have been water trapped in the housing that froze and expanded during the winter. I now pay close attention to the grease that comes out during lubrication. So far no more problems.

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    I lost the outer set on the middle axle one time.... turns out I had missed those grease zerks all together! Since then I make sure I don't miss any and haven't had any problems.

    Not sure what would make yours go out so often.....

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    I too have a "99" and ride the piss out of it. Holeintheheadgang has it right. Grease the zerks after a hard ride and watch what the grease looks like coming out. Use foaming lube on the chains at the same time.


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