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    Can someone explain to me how to deploy a downrigger and how to actually work one. I want to put a pair on my boat but the last boat I had them on I kept loosing my line off them and quit using them. thanks for help.

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    if you where loosing your "line" I'm guessing you mean your cable. You have a drag system on riggers I'm guessing it was to loose. What kind are they. I've used most Scotty, penn, cannon.

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    you can get different clips for holding your line. I think that I have different ones on each side of my boat so as far as I'm concerned it dosen't matther too much which brand you choose. It takes some fiddeling around with, but the "deeper" you set the line into the pads of the release the more securely it will hold. set the line at different depths until you find one that works for you. find a point where the line will go down but not pop out too easily. Ideally the fish pops the line out and sets the hook at the same time. I have had kings hit when they couldn't release the line (too deep), and more often have had the line pop out before I get the lure to depth (too shallow). Just play around with it and find what works for you.

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    I'll tell you now what I learned the hard way. On the clips (the Scotty brand, at least), there's a part that you can slide back and forth on the clip that makes for a secure or a very secure setting. Then as mentioned, you set your line in the clip further back for a more secure grip.

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    Default Did You Get Your Answer, Dirtface?

    I just spotted this thread and there seemed to be some confusion about which problem you were having. Either your fishing line was popping out of your releases, or you were possibly stripping off your cable and "losing" it. You got a couple of good answers, but I was wondering what question you were asking.

    BTW, if you meant you were losing your cable (like it was breaking off with your gear down) you may have an electrolosis (sp) problem due to too much electricity in your system. Either this or possibly some old cable that has been kinked. If you get a kink of any kind in your cable you should either nip it off above the kink or put a temporary splice in for short-term repair. Otherwise it will part-off there just when you are getting into the fish (the voice of experience)! ;-)


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