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    Ok guys, I am stuck. I have several boxes of primed cases and 240gr fully jacketed RNFP that I deconstructed because I don't shoot other peoples reloads. I now have these along with trailboss, h110 and imr4227. The problem is reading thru my five manuals and various web sights I am not able to find any data for the 44spec with any of these bullet/powder combinations. Any help and pointing in the right direction would be great.

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    My Lyman 47th shows,

    44 S&W Special
    240 grain Jacketed SP
    13.3 grains to 14.8 grains (IMR 4227)
    616 fps to 711 fps

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    Default 44 spec help

    Thanks, I saw that last night while I was on the hunt for a match. After sleeping on it I think I will try it with (13.5) and see what happens. Thanks

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    The H4227 load is a good one for the special but is a near full duty load. If you want someting in the way of a plinking load Trail Boss may be worth a try. I think I used 5.5 grains of that with 240 grain FP Laser Cast. There is data available for it on line from Hodgdons as well as some manuals. I shoot a lot of 44 specials, one of my favorite calibers, have several guns in the caliber. I use mostly 240-250 cast bullets and find velocities from 650 to 1000 fps a very useful range for many applications. Trail Boss and H4227 are two of my powders.
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    Default 44 spec help

    Thanks Murphy, I too love TrailBoss for plinking but didn't know (lack of experience on my part) if I could use the same 240gr SWC load data for the jacketed bullet or since I am dealing with such a low pressure in a gun frame that is designed for higher would that be an issue? I am also sending you a PM.


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