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Thread: Which lake to fish this weekend?

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    Default Which lake to fish this weekend?

    What lake would anyone fish with an hour or two of anchorage this weekend. A lake that you could put a boat in and fish. Any fish species, as long as there is good action. I thought maybe hidden lake, skilak, big lake, or maybe Finger Lake. Anyone have a good recommendation? Pike fishing would be fun too. Maybe Nancy lake. Thanks for any and all ideas.

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    Nancy Lake for the Pike. Finger lake for the stocked rainbows and landlocked silvers.
    Big Lake at the outlet if you want some serious Char.

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    Big Lake is best fished with a boat, as the best fishing for Char is from above them. Jigs and spoons are jigged. The outlet at Fish Creek has a few deep holes in it that the Char lay in. Good for ice fishermen there as well.

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    X, Y, or Christiansen Talkeetna. This is probably THE last weekend to fish them, as the ice is starting to form around the edges of the lake....just a matter of days before they're completely covered!


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