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    I'm seventeen and just called in and killed my first fox. I've skinned several bears before but never a fox. I've heard people say you should "tube" them...not sure what that means. I'm kinda lost and really don't wanna mess this one up. any help would be appreciated. THX

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    I copied this from the fur harvesters fur manual I hope it helps.

    "The first step in pelting your fur is to brush from the head
    to tip of the tail. Remove any dirt or mats as completely
    as possible. Do not attempt to cut out mats. Next, lay the
    fox on the table and grasp the front paw. Cut from the
    paw to the elbow joint in a straight line. The next step is
    to cut from the hind leg to the belly side of the vent hole.
    Cut from the paw to the vent hole using the natural fur
    line (white and red colour of the fur). Cut completely
    around the vent. By using your fingers, work around each
    leg separating the hide. Place the fox in a skinning gambrel.
    By using an adjustable set up, one can raise and lower the
    fox to whatever level is required. A good set up helps save
    on back pain and increases production.
    Using a tail stripper, free the tail from the tail bone. Begin
    working the pelt forward toward the front legs. Ensure that
    when skinning a male fox that the penis bone is cut out.
    When you have worked the pelt all the way down to the
    front legs, again use your fingers to pull the pelt free of the
    front legs. Using your knife, ring around the front paws
    when you have freed them from the pelt.
    Pull pelt down toward head. Ensure that your knife is sharp.
    Gently pull the pelt forward toward the eyes, again cutting
    close to the head. Finally, cut the nose and bottom lip off
    the pelt. If pelt is bloody or dirty, wash it in cold water and
    mild soap. Remove excess water before boarding."

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    sent you a P.M.

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    Take a look at this.
    Nice Marmot.

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    On, I posted a step by step instructional skinning thread last year. Go to the wilderness forum and search for "fox skinning" or "fleshing".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skookumchuck View Post
    Take a look at this.

    hey this is great link thanks..........
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