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Thread: A must read Cooper River ADF&G

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    Default A must read Cooper River ADF&G

    I did not see this posted so I thought it would be nice for people to have a look.

    With our limited Rainbow fishing in most of the Cooper River Drainages the Village of EYAK wishes to open the Gulkana and other Rivers and Lakes to the harvesting of Rainbow Trout and Steelhead to Subsitance Yikes. Why someon in Cordova wishes to be able to harvest Rainbow Trout 200 miles up stream is beyond me. Not looking for a fight just do not understand.

    Also someone has decided to make fishing guides hunting guides to regulate growth makes for an interesting read.

    If you have comments to the board you can go to Cordova or write in snail mail

    You can submit written comments to the board via snail mail up to November 14 to assure they get into the Board materials, which the Board receives ahead of time. Written comments will be accepted after that date, but will not make it into the book, but will be given to the Board in Cordova. You can find instructions at the following:

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    Looks like its actually Altha (or what ever they are called) wants a subsistence fishery in one lake and customary and traditional use classifications... Clearly they are appealing to the wrong board because as far as I know BOF doesn't do customary and traditional use classification.
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    Default History repeats itself

    Sounds like the Ninilchik Tribal Council's action regarding the Russian/Kenai. More proposals like this will surely come. I warned readers about this when the Ninilchiks made their proposal. Precedent has been set, just like it was in Washington State. Wrong board or not, they'll get their proposal to the right one soon enough. More Entitlement.

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    Default as to ahtna

    Right now anything Ahtna requests I will oppose. Until they are willing to work with white skinned people to access their land we do not need to concede any more public hunting or fishing areas to them. I am referring to the narrow strips of land bordering the Glenn, Richardson, and Tok cut-offs, the land bordering many public rivers, and the no trespassing, and no permits to access, the land they chose with the Anilca settlement. By careful land selection they managed to leverage hundreds of thousands of acres of state land by cutting off all ground access to that land, and as of now are not issuing trespass permits to white skinned persons to traverse their newly acquired lands. The proposal to turn Crosswinds lake into a subsistence area, as well as waters in the Gulkana and Copper, is just the latest salvo in their attack on fellow Alaskans.


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