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Thread: Work for Outfitters

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    Default Work for Outfitters

    i've heard that quite a few outfitters like to have young new zealand blokes to work for 3-6 months during the guiding time. i was wondering if anyone knew anyone who would like help in 2012?

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    I used to work (packer) with a Kiwi named Mike McClunie down east of Cordova. We used to call him an "Aussie" just to irritate him

    The name of the outfit was Tsiu River Lodge, run by Sam Fejes, who I believe still lives in Anchorage. Wouldnt hurt to give him a call....I think the kiwi's do well as packers cause they are physically used to doing alot of climbing while hunting chamois and such...

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    Default Work

    This is a list of all contracting guides (the ones who hire folks) by the area(s) they are registered to hunt in:

    While "packers" do not require a license assistant guides do and you can download the license application from:

    You might also need:

    This information might be useful for other folks who want to work in the guide profession.

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    Default I know someone-


    I know a Master Guide who is looking for help. Shoot me a PM and let's get started on this!

    LOST CREEK COMPANY: Specializing in Alaska hunt consultation and planning for do-it-yourself hunts, fully outfitted hunts, and guided hunts.
    CLICK HERE to send me a private message.
    Web Address:
    Mob: 1 (907) 229-4501
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    Default Strange?

    Maybe I just don't understand something but are you really asking about a job 4 years from now? Talk about planning. I wish you luck and I'm sure that Mike could point you in the right direction.


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