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Thread: Winter moose hunt

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    Default Winter moose hunt

    Hi everybody. I'm thinking about the antlerless moose hunt in 20A this fall, and I'm looking for info on trails out of the Salcha area west into the flats across the Tanana. Trying to get out as far as the Blair Lakes area if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Trails....

    Oh there are a LOT of trails once you are on the otherside of the Tanana. I assume you are talking about using a snow machine?? I don't think an atv will cut it and unless you have an Air Boat...don't think you have any other choice of transportation other then a snow machine.
    The tricky part is crossy the Tanana....I am sure some people have their prefered crossing points etc and if you are lucky, it is cold enough, and they decide to, the military makes an ice bridge...but don't count on it.
    You just need to find an area on the Tanana that looks good to cross...push your throttle all the way and hall A$# across the Tanana and pray. Once you are across no worries and TON of trails and or terrain easy enough to blaze your own ....just get in contact with the military (I believe most of the time some of the Blair Lakes area is off limits because the AF uses it as a shooting range)
    Good luck
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