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    The silvers are starting to show up in the regional rivers. Picture is of a hen taken this past weekend. They are nice fish this year. Hope for a strong run.

    Perfect time for fishing as most had sea lice yet and were in very good shape. A good weekend trip; good fish and no bears.

    There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.

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    Default Just Starting????

    "Just starting to show?"

    I know some runs are late, but it's past peak and on the downturn here in J-town. The DIPAC (hatchery) run went stone cold 2 weeks ago.

    There are probably some cohos still in the streams, but I doubt you could find a chromer around here (J-town.)

    I know I have seen them run late up off the tribs to Mendenhall lake. The lake was frozen over and the tribs on the West side were starting to ice over. Think it was December. I recall seeing fish under the ice and thinking ***?!!

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    I've heard of people catching cohos through the Ice at windfall lake (not much fight to them at that point) nice to see some people caught cohos this year ( I fished hard but left for school before the run peaked so didn't catch any)

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    Bruce: That is one big steelhead with the seal bite on your website! (sitkoh ck?)

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    Default Southeast Silvers

    I found that it has been an odd year for salmon in the area. Very poor coho fishing in saltwater this year. Places that held silvers for a few weeks before they entered the rivers did not produce as they had in the past. The larger rivers have just started to pick up this past weekend. Smaller streams are holding fish but they are showing blush and are well past prime. Still a ton of pinks in most systems. Even with the big rains and freshers we have had there still are a ton of pinks left. Weather permitting, I think the best river fishing will be over the next two weeks on most of the larger rivers. We took 7 fish ten days ago and all but one was bright. The other one was in pretty good shape and will smoke or can nicely.

    The steelie in the picture was not taken at Sitkoh. It was caught near the south end of the island in a drainage that had not previously had a big return. It was a beautiful fish except for the chomp mark. He made a good release and that hog leg is still out there.
    There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.


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