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Thread: Cold effects on a bow string

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    Default Cold effects on a bow string

    I have a cow moose permit in the fairbanks management area. The hunt runs until the end of November.

    I am wondering if -20 to -30 degree cold has much effect on a bow strength, elasticity, or any other effects.

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    If you have a good set to start with wouldn,t worry. We have shot 3d,s one yr it was -20 and i have shot caribou -24 However with that being said, i would ck the impact of your arrows at that temps, Also most important is to shoot your bow with all those clothes you,ll have on. I,ve seen more trouble with that than anything else. String contact with jacket sleeve, colar,gloves ect....

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    Default Cold Weather

    Not knowing specifics about the bow..I know that my compound bow was a little less responsive at the colder temps, with longer shots shooting slightly lower then my sighting in at an indoor range, so I re-check my pins as the temperatures change, the change is small most of the time but for my bow it is a factor..draw weight is just under 70lbs, hoyt ultratec...

    More importantly at the colder temps my clothing really impacted how I set-up to shoot..big bulky jacket, those little dangling draw strings, the right gloves were really a factor, throw in big clunky boots, and the headgear took a little tweaking to allow for smooth shooting..nothing earth shattering but adjusting the clothing for quick smooth shooting was my biggest adjustment.

    Also it easy to cut a finger, broadhead or knife, and not realize it in the extreme cold..(experience taking there)

    At least there aren't any bugs to deal with :-)

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    several years ago. i had issues with the cold.. Tom over at kings knock built me a new string with my out side time in mind... not an issue since. also i dont wax it much in the winter...not sure if that makes a differnce or not..or just me beig lazy....
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