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    Here are a few pictures from this year's mining. We staked this claim last year and spent three weeks this season blazing in a trail and getting started dredging. Got lucky and did a little cherry picking this first year. We found a section on the claim where there was some decomposed bedrock near the surface. The homemade dredge did well and the air system helped open up a few more possibilities.

    The weather, like everywhere in the state, was wet and cool. No camp bears and the bugs were not too bad. Found a few caribou sheds for the wife's rock garden.

    We found less gold than previous years but the stuff we dredged up was nice looking gold. The clay layer (volcanic ash) popped up again and slowed things to a grind at times.

    Already making plans for next year. Paying for being gone all summer. The freezer is empty. It is a good thing the silvers are starting to show up in the rivers now.

    Click on a thumbnail to expand the image. Then click to advance.

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    Very nice looking pickers there Bruce. I know that must have been fun.

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    Thanks Rick,

    We were pleased with the quality of the pickers and the one nugget. We do have a very good time each summer. I can't wait for my little girl to take an interest. That might be a tough sell.

    There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.

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    hey thanks for the photo shoot... i have one question... HOW DANG BIG, is that dog? LOL

    you know i don't think the girls will be a problem... 4 of my 6 are girls.. they are the first ones to yell I AM, GOING!!!!! it's important to drag them along and let them splash and play while thy are younger 5-6 by the time they are 11,12,13... they are ready to pan and dig....( especially the digging)..... good luck

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