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    Default Colt Double Eagle

    Does anyone here know anything about or better yet have any experience with the Colt Double Eagle .45?
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    Default RUN

    The Double Eagle was designed for/as a duty weapon by Colt to compete with the Ruger, Glock, Berreta, S&W police type handguns. They are a DA firearm.I believe, every time you want to fire the pistol it is just like a revolver(best I remmember). Extremely long and heavy trigger pull.
    Colt took safety one step farther and left the thumb safety off and added a decocker. BUT , it was made in stainless steel, hence heavy compared to current firearms.
    It was primarily available in 10mm and 45acp, with single stacked mags. The Double Eagle had a few problems and was redone hence the Double Eagle II.
    It was way to late to capture Colt a major piece of the Law Enforcement pie, and died in 97'.
    I knew several police officers who were issued one and HATED it, they were very glad when they could trade for a Glock 17/19.
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    Had one with the full size 5 inch barrel/slide in 45 acp. Shot great- slide fit was tight, and good barrel fit. I did put in an after market 1911 full length recoil spring guide rod and spring. Groups fired were accurate. Sold it though, like stated above, the D/A first shot trigger pull was real heavy. If the factory plastic grip panels crack, hard to find replacements. First shot double action, the next shots single action. Decocker instead of manual safety, no grip safety like 1911's. There was also a commander size model.

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    Default Shoots Great

    I have a Double Eagle MkII Series 90 and it shoots fantastic. Everything that the guys before me have posted are pretty accurate. I haven't had any problems with mine.


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