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Thread: skiff in Homer??

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    Default skiff in Homer??

    I am moving to Homer next summer from Ketchikan. Should I bring my 18' open skiff with me or should I sell it before I leave? What kind of stuff can I do in Homer with my skiff?

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    Default Homer is big water

    If the water were perfect you could travel from the spit to China Poot (roughly 3miles or so to the other shore) let it go dry on a clamming tide and clam like a maniac. Go into Halibut cove and mess around. Problem is the water, the distance from the spit to the other side is relatively short in an ocean boat, in a skiff your risking your neck, its the real deal!

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    bring it, you can have an absolute blast with it, both in Katchamak and cook inlet. you are not going to go, or even want to go, when its crappy, but there are many many days that you will be able to use it.
    I have spent 15+ years running around in skiffs and small zodiak inflatables in that area, no problems, just a little common sence. in fact i am looking for another skiff to do just that, play, cause it costs just too danged much to go run the big boat, especially if you just want to go out for a couple of hours.

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    Default I definitely agree with polebender

    K-Bay can be a great place for skiffs. I have years of experiences with 18-20 foot skiffs and have been all over that bay with only a few hairy experiences. Be cautious and plan ahead and you will have a great time....
    Of course all this is assuming that you have a seaworthy boat with plenty of freeboard, and a v bottom.

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    Default Agreed

    18' Bayrunner ran all over that area........course the weather was good. Just be careful and bring communication and survival gear.

    the bays across from Homer are awesome.

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    Default You must like it WET!

    I go down there a couple of times a year in my C-Dory 22. If you boat with a brain, and I am sure that you do, you will be just fine. I have had no trouble in my boat down there whatsoever. However, I only go out when the seas are forcasted to be 5 feet or less. I have however, like others here, been caught in much larger. It is always wise to be prepared as the others have pointed out. I can't imagine going out in an open boat up here, although there have been a few really, really nice days where even I wish, momentarily, that I were in one

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    Default Can do!

    I've been running an open, semi-v hull 18-ft Lowe in Kachemak Bay for almost 20 years. I have a cabin in Little Tutka Bay and have hauled just about every piece of furniture and appliance over there in my little boat. And building materials. And the garbage on the backhaul.

    When I upgraded the engine to a 70hp the extra power allowed me better control in bigger seas.

    That said, I still watch the bay from my back windows all the time, even if it's just to go halibut fishing around the corner. On many days, Kachemak Bay is very forgiving to small open skiffs.

    But I do have some tales of "running in the trough" and never seeing the horizon until I found the end of the Spit. As I got more experience, however, I learned to just turn around and go back to the cabin for another cup of coffee.

    The Bay is very "do-able" in a small skiff if you take the time and use your sense to learn what is possible, and what is not.

    Good luck....jim

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    I agree with Cliffhanger and others. I too, have gone all over K-Bay in a 18' Hewescraft. Patience and picking the right time go a long way, however, in my youth, I didn't always follow that advice. Sometimes now when I just want to go clamming or red fishing across the bay, I'll take the skiff and leave the "big boat" in the harbor. Good Luck.


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