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    My pup is 8 weeks old. I have already introduced her to birds and lots of training. at 8 weeks she has already impressed me. she will sit stay and come on command and will chase quail around. My question for you guys is what feeding schedule should she be on. I feed her 2 times a day now morning and afternoon. but after she eats shes worthless in training I work her now when I get home and try to again later in the evening but she isnt as promising then. Should I just feed her once a day???
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    Puppies that small should eat 2-3 times per day. I feed my grown dogs twice per day.
    I don't know what your schedule is, but you could train your pup as soon as you got home from work and then feed him an hour or so after you are done. Most folks I know follow that routine.
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    I kind of make my dogs "work" for their food by training in the morning and before dinner time. Usually i wake up around 545 and work out untill about 730 ish. Come home, work a little bit in the yard for about 10-20 mins, come inside then feed. Same at night, come home from work around 5, go out back and do a little "work" and then feed. I let them have water almost all day though, otherwise i found out that when they see water, they get too excited and will drink about anything. My pups are 5 months (vizsla named Tracker) and 7 Weeks (GSP named Brittany)

    I got this idea out of the book "gun dog" By the way.


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