I've been a member/lurker on these forums for about a year and a half. I am writing my first post to thank a fellow gun owner/lover. Last THUR, 9 OCT, I completely spaced out and left 2 marlin rifles on the shooting bench at the SouthCushmanRange (Fairbanks) and drove off. There were folks changing targets and I did not want to handle my rifles with people down range. Then I lent my laser range finder to another shooter to range the different distances on the range. When he was done, I just jumped into my truck and left. . .

I did not notice the rifles were gone until I returned to the range today for more practice. I opened the lock box in my truck and found it EMPTY!

After much disbelief and panic, another shooter on the line said there was a sign on a shooting bench reporting that some rifles had been found!

After making the call and verifying serial numbers, I drove to the finder's home and picked up my rifles!

He said that he had done the same stupid thing before and someone took care of him. Of note, he found another shooter's rifle after mine, left a note, and was able to return the other rifle to its rightful owner as well!

So, a big THANKS to Gary!!!!!!