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Thread: stuck case removal ???

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    Default stuck case removal ???

    Got a case stuck in my nice new (this was the 11th case) 358 Norma sizing die. Thought I had plenty of lube but....
    Only stuck one case before in 25 yrs of reloading, & it tapped out with a dowel. This one didn't.
    If I can find a stuck case remover Monday I may try one, but doing some research, it sounds like they are pretty simple(never seen one in real life). Drill the primer pocket & tap it 1/4 x 20. Then put a puller on that extracts the brass.

    If I can't find a puller local will this work?
    Drill & tap primer pocket 1/4 x 20. Put a 1" deep well 1/2" drive socket over the die resting tye open end against the lock ring (already tried the socket & it fits well). Run the appropriate length 1/4" bolt with a greased washer through the ratchet end of the socket threading it into the primer pocket. Tighten bolt to extract brass(pulling against the socket). Is this the same way the RCBS one works just on an Okie (no offence to our fine friends from Oklahoma) level?
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    Default stuck case

    Yes it will work and I've done it before as well. A # 7 drillbit and a 1/4 20 tap with a few washers with a 3/8 drive 5/8 socket is almost identical to the RCBS model.
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    It sure sounds like it to me.

    My RCBS Stuck Case Remover consists of

    Tap Holder
    Allen headed bolt
    Allen Wrench

    Drill, Tap, Collar on Die, Bolt though Collar and into drilled and tapped Primer hole, Tighten with Allen Wrench.

    Lube on the BASE of the case should keep the cases from getting stuck, unless of course, you have a too tight, or too rough die. I got one like that from Hornady once.

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