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    I am going to Delta Junction on 21 Oct for a bison hunt. I would appreciate any information from hunters who have returned recently. I do plan on paying to hunt on private land but will look at the public bison range area also. A few questions;
    -should I take my 4 wheelers up there or is this a spot from the truck and stalk hunt?
    -how many days do most hunters allocate for this hunt? I am scheduling 10 days for my hunt.
    -does the public land hunting have to much pressure on it?
    -how many bison are in the area at this time?
    -good restaurants to eat at?

    This is a dream hunt for me and I thank you in advance for any information you provide.


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    Default Delta

    While I have not been fortune enough to draw a tag I have been hunting in Delta several different times. We have taken both four wheelers and snow machines but mainly to use them to retrive downed bison. For the most part we drove around in a vehicle looking and them stalking from there. One trip we figured that we hiked over 30 miles, attempting to get close to them.
    As far as place to eat, that depends. If you are lucky enough to get a cabin at Silver Fox, just take your one food and eat at the cabin. If not my favorite places to eat are Adams Rib, good food, good servive and plenty of food and the Buffalo Cafe in Delta. Depending on what you want to eat there are several other places as well.
    Good luck.

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    There are a few threads on here about Bison
    Leave the wheeler at home they spook the Bison everytime,As far a public land lots of bison and lots of folks. Adams ribs #1 there is a small greasy spoon beside the video store forgot the name but "GREAT FOOD" I did not like the Baffalo cafe

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    Four years ago both my wife and I were fortunite enough to draw, we packed the four weelers all our gear and never took one out of the trailer. We both killed on public land. We mostly drove around till you spot a herd. then yer on foot I found trying to drive closer just alerts the critters. We both bagged out on the second day.

    Silver fox is awsome


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