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Thread: Affordable Tsiu River Cabins

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    Default Affordable Tsiu River Cabins

    I would like to do a two night three day silver salmon drop off on the Tsiu River next August. I looked into cabins and could only find the Tsiu River Lodge Cabins which are really expensive. I have been on the Tsiu before, - day trips out of Anchorage. However, maybe somebody knows of affordable other alternatives to stay overnight there and not having to return the same day.
    Also, what is your experience of the best way to get down there. Charter a flight from Anchorage in a Beaver, or 185 or take AK Airlines to Cordova and then further...?

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    Default there aren't any

    Nope. No cheap alternatives, unless one of the set netters happens to be a buddy of yours and allows you to stay in his set net shack.

    You can alway do as I have done: find a sheltered spot and camp. Bring a bear fence.

    The most reliable way to get there and get back is to charter from Cordova.


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