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    I went South again hoping for the best. The water was the highest I've seen it all least a foot higher in the marsh than earlier in the week. Should have been a great day. Just enough wing to keep the birds moving...but very, very few ducks in the area. I saw a total of about 7 ducks (most far, far away) and only had one shot. A hen mallard that came to the call and I whiffed The dog wasn't too happy with me. I actually saw more swans than ducks and about 2 dozen snow geese headed for Portage Pass which appeared to be closed. Called it a day after 11am.

    Anybody else hunt this morning?

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    Yeah I also went south today and managed to find three mallars (2 drakes, 1 hen, and a bunch of swans. Saw several other flocks, but was setup wrong and just didn't get any shots at them had 4 shots and got 3 birds wasn't a bad day though.


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