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    Default Who wants to go?

    I have a 50' seiner with a raised tophouse and an aluminum bait shed, a 17' avon and an outboard, duck and goose decoys, crab pots, and an elk tag for northwest afognak. I was down on the westside of Kodiak this spring and saw lots of deer. Planning to hunt Afognak for elk, deer and ducks - could move to another part of Kodiak if necessary.

    The boat is in Seward. I'm looking for 4 people to share the fuel costs. All my regulars are working or otherwise unavailable. I'll pick up the lube oil and wear and tear costs. Of course, we don't want to violate any transporter laws, so I'll have to verify exactly what we can and can't do regarding shared costs. If the transporter issue becomes a problem, then I'll probably just drag my dad along and go by ourselves.

    Moderate beer or wine drinkers are ok, but if you're a hardcore whiskey drinker I don't have room. No drugs. Cigars are ok in the tophouse, but cigarettes not allowed on board. Total fuel cost will probably be around $5,000 figure another couple of hundred for food and brewskis.

    If you don't want to ride the boat to Afognak, then I could pick you up in Kodiak or you could fly out to the boat. I have sat phone on board. If we have to go to Kodiak, the fuel cost will go up accordingly.

    If you are uptight, on a tight schedule, or otherwise the type of person that you wouldn't want to hunt with, then save my time. If you like to have fun and are flexible, this is a great hunting opportunity.

    BTW, I've been hunting Alaska since 1967 and operating boats since 1973. This is a "friends" hunt, everything must pass muster with the transporter laws and I am not assuming any liability for injury or damage to you or any of your equipment.

    Oh, and I would like to leave the middle of next week if the weather permits....

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    oh! man.............oh! man.........Im looking at doing this deer hunt next year If the wife gets back from Iraq,otherwise I'd jump aboard with you right now and go if she was here.I hope your able to get some fellas out with ya and tag out on your Elk.Good Luck and dont forget the pictures.Daniel

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    I would be seriously interested but I cannot free up till the 24th. If things change and you guys dont head out before let me know.

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    sienerman, i don't think you will have any problems with transport... after seven years in Valdez several of my friends owned / operated charter boats in the summer.. we used them for personal use on a regular basis. and helped with the fuel..

    as long as you are not offering to guide or out fit any one or charge a berthing fee, it would not be any different then a bunch of guys sharing a ride up the haul road for caribou and sharing the cost of the trip... good luck be safe and watch the icing.

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    meet on face book here

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    Default Plan "b"

    Just Had a trip fall apart was going to be in PWS next week, so i have time clear on schedule, and funds saved up. Would love to chat and if times and people fit. 1st major question is how long do you plan on being gone and where are you located at. I will P.M you with contact info. Thanks for puttings this great oppprtunity out there for everyone.

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    Default Schedule

    Thanks for the responses. Right now, it looks like the next weather window is Wednesday night/Thursday. I have to be back on the 27th of October. If for some reason, the weather prevents a return trip before then, I would take the boat to Kodiak and fly back for the meeting the 27th, then head back to Kodiak the 8th of November and work my way back to Seward or Homer before the 19th, depending on weather windows. If I have to make two trips, that would split the cost even further if I have a few more hunters who want to come back in November. Since weather is such a factor, it is important that anyone who goes can be flexible. Also, if necessary, an air charter to the boat is always an option to get in or out.

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    sent pm give me a call

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    Default Thanks for the response

    Thanks to everyone who showed an interest - Daniel in AK, here's to your wife - may she make it home safe and sound. Right now, it looks like there is one spot left for the trip. Hit me with a pm and your contact info if you are interested, I'll be available tonight to call back.

    Edit - I added a photo of the boat in my album.
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    Default Elk

    I sent PM to you seinerman about my elk tag


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