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Thread: hook-up to adjacent power lines?

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    Default hook-up to adjacent power lines?

    My wife and I purchased 8 acres in central Alaska 2 years ago. We intend to build a small retreat (who doesn't). We went to the site this spring and there is now a residential power line along our east boundary line-in addition to the HUGE line about 200 yards further east!
    Is it possible to LEGALLY tap this line, or string a new line on existing polls, and what kind of costs can I expect?
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    Default Power

    The local power company should accomadate you with power. JUST don't be suprised if they want 6-8 grand for such an accommodation. That coupled with a 5 year contract on the meter.
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    A few variables are involved. How far from the nearest power company office are you? Is the new line distribution voltage? Is your meter base close to the line? Will the power co have easy access to the pole? Is the line single phase or three phase? (affects the number of men required to work in the primary zone)

    If the pole line is on your property line then it won't be bad. The power company will need to hang a transformer and a service drop to your meter base. There shouldn't be any long term contract for this.
    If one of our crews did it the cost would be less then 3,000$$. Add the cost of travel for the crew to your lot.

    Get your legal description and stop by the power company. They will give you a good idea of cost at no charge.

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