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Thread: want to hunt phf this we

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    Default want to hunt phf this we

    i have a 12 yr old lab and was wondering if anyone who is hunting the flats over the weekend with their atv and would be willing to haul me out there and possibly my 12 yr old lab; you could just drop me off at a place out there you know is a good area and i'll try to hitch a ride back before dark if i don't have my limit. I walked it once and at 51 and being diabetic i have to load up on too much sports drinks to keep my sugar from getting to low. Last time i was out there i got back to the truck just in time.

    i'm so close to a new atv but coming up a tad short on the down pmt. 745-7144 or try my cell. 355-4292 and i'm good for repaying the favor. i have a robo duck and 2 batteries and chargers for it that I'm willing to let you use the rest of the season if you wanted. Thanks.

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    Default Hope you got to go

    Hope you got out, I did not go but took my 2 labs to Falcon Ridge and shot some pheasants. I'll be back at it next weekend. I understand your plight,I am 60 and have 2 bad feet and can not walk very far at all. I hunt small water and creeks. No where near the number of birds but I can at least get out and hunt with my dogs (change out during the day).
    And I can limit my walking which means less pain. But I will NOT give up waterfowl hunting! Shoot straight.


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