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Thread: Deer hunting on Kodiak - Spiridon Bay??

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    Default Deer hunting on Kodiak - Spiridon Bay??

    Any of you guy/gals know what the deer hunting would be like in Weasel Cove in Spiridon Bay? I was wondering what it might be like during the end of Oct - first of November? Deer #s, rut, terrain, weather, fox hunting, etc. Thanks.

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    A few yrs ago we did a bear hunt there and the problem is finding a suitable camping spot. We had a Zodiac and hauled camp up the river and camped at the top of the tidewater in a big cottonwood grove and killed all the deer we wanted easily. Bring a tidebook and watch the weather!
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    Default Guide camp

    When I was there this spring, there was a guide camp at Weasel Cove. If they are still operating there this fall, that camp spot will be out of the question. There were decent numbers of deer this spring and lots of foxes. There are plenty of other camping spots in Spiridon, so you should still be able to put together a great hunt. Good luck.


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