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    Hey all,

    This is my first year in AK. What a great year with new adventures. It seems a strange one for the ducks though. Seems as if they overflew the ANC bowl. Would most agree? I had a great early season but last weekend with the cold clear nights and I'm guessing they pushed through.

    I switched to some ptarmigan hunting. Thought I'd post them "white ducks"!
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    Well I wouldn't say she's singing just yet but these past few day sure did put a damper on the soul. I would say that it seemed like a dim season. Did kill some geese this year but not as many big fat mallard drake. Did kill more pintail and widgeon though. Not a total loss but there's always next year.

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    These fall storms with clear weather after have been pushing the local ducks out early and the northern birds head into Canada rather than come to the coast and then down. This is the third year of this stuff messing things up.

    This weekend with the storms here and the other one up north will push them to the east faster than normal. If things don't freeze then some birds will stay around, but it will be hard hunting.


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