Messed up this morning, got up and checked to see if they had made it possibly to apply for the RM435 permit on line (Ship Creek Drainage). As I had to get to work I applied for my son and I. Checked my email and saw the two emails from ADF&G so figured I was good. Later in the day I went to click on the links in the emails to print the permits off and it appears not only did I have to apply and get the email instructing me on where to get my permit but I had to click on the link and print off or download the permit.

Or at least I think I had to do that as when I click on the link I get told that all the RM435 permits have been given out.

Oh well, maybe one of the other areas will have a moose, or I can finishing eating the one in the freezer now for last year.

Looks like another year is drawing down with nothing but more bear!