Started making wild game stew for my family years ago when my children were small, this was our way to get them to eat their veggies. My wife would make cornbread to go with it and the kids would really enjoy their meal. Now they are mostly grown up, youngest is 18, oldest is 22 and married. To this day when they come home for a visit they ask us to cook them up some wild game stew and cornbread. And when I visit them, they will cook up a nice pot of wild game stew and some cornbread for me too. Anyway, family meal traditions seem to catch on throughout each generation. I am wondering if there are any meal traditions that any one of you have passed on to your families using wild game meats. Thanks

Just wanted to add that we also really enjoy family feasts, where we invite all the relatives to come over for a meal. Usually it is on holidays and birthdays. Another meal tradition that is practiced here in my village is when a small child harvests their first plant, fish, bird or animal. Usually for boys it is when they harvest their first seal, caribou or moose. For girls it is plants or berries, sometimes like with my daughters it is when they harvest their first caribou. We celebrate the harvest with a family feast and invite all the relatives over. With the first harvest it is never kept by the family but is distributed around the village. The mother also plans for and has a throwing party, only women and girls can participate. Well the mother will get on a high stand, usually the porch and throw out gifts to the crowd of women and girls. The women and girls really enjoy this activity. Fun times for them. Guess it is our way of celebrating the first harvest of our children and grandchildren, our tradition.