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Thread: DM788 this year, any news?

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    Default DM788 this year, any news?

    I read interesting posts in the forum archive about DM788 of 2007. Oh, yes, DM788 is antlerless moose permit for FMA, bow and arrow only, Sept. 1st- Nov. 27th. And FMA stands for Fairbanks Management Area.

    Any news about this year DM788 hunt?

    As for myself, I just started in October. Can not say I saw anything of interest yet, except for a grouse (got it and destroyed my arrow by that.) Otherwise, it looks, the entire moose population is gone somewhere.

    Seriously, after several days of driving around FMA, scouting different areas (Chena Lakes, Goldstream, Birch Hill), and trying to spot a moose, now I am not sure how to proceed further. Spotting cows somewhere and trying to stalk somehow? This is essentially a cow hunt and any bull calling technique is not very useful. Not that I master it to perfection, but still...

    Any advice and experience sharing would be very useful. Also, if you have cow moose dwelling in your area in FMA, please consider letting me know about it. Thanks.

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    I have been seeing a single cow on CHS Road.

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    Also try calling...that works for cows too, especially this time of the year

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    saw two bulls and two cows by the new chaz autobody shop being built the other day accross from home depot spike and 36 incher and two adult cows good luck

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    Two years ago I drew the antlerless tag. I found that I could actually call in cows.. who knew??! The trick was as I was walkiing I would tick the willows with my scapula (or bull magnet now) and about eery 10-15 steps I woudl let out a low almost whisper grunt sorta like a "whomp". My cow came to me on a line and I shot her at less than 15 feet! THANK GOD for birch trees or I might have been moose poo I would suggest both sides of Creamers field . Back side accessing from Farmers Loop and front side accessing from the Dairy or the Fairgrounds. Take a friend and stage a vehicle on either side and drive to the other.. make a day of it by walking across..


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