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Thread: snare cable flexibility?

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    Question snare cable flexibility?

    I am going to be building some snares and am wondering what would be the most flexible wire, 1x19, 7x19, or 7x7. I don't want a stiff cable because I have heard that lynx will refuse to push through a stiff snare cable.

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    I use 7x7 for everything but wolves for them I use 1X19 as with wolves I like a nice round loop that will stay in shape. It is really a presonal preference for most trappers of one or the other it sounds like you are wanting the 7X7 wich is not near as stiff
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    Default I use ..

    1x19 for wolves. Not really sure what my lynx snares are though. I like the stiffer wire as it holds a circle much better. I know with the 7x7 you will have to have branches, etc. to keep a wolf snare up. Way too limp for me.

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    I prefer 1/16th, 1x19 cable for lynx. Lynx are not very snare shy, cable dia. won't scare them away. The 1x19 holds a circle well, if you load it. I think it is more stable in the wind also.
    Plenty of trappers here in Ak. and stateside like 7x7, lotta critters caught with it every season. You'll have a harder time with the 7x7 getting a decent loop, but you get used to it and learn how to use it.
    Stay away from 7x19.........way too limp.
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    I would disagree slightly with MT about lynx being snare shy. My first year trapping cats, I had several of them go right around my snares. I was using 3/32, 7x7 cable. Last year, no refusals with the 1/16, 1x19 cable. I caught 3 and they hardly put up a fuss.


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