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Thread: Where to hunt grouse around Wasilla

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    Default Where to hunt grouse around Wasilla

    Hey all,
    Just discovered this website tonight, great place. Was hoping someone could give me some insight on where to take my 6 yr. old son to look for some grouse close to Wasilla. I have lived in AK for 14 yrs. but have always worked and never have done much else. Now my boy is old enough and very interested in hunting, but I have no idea where to take him, and I am afraid of boring him if we do not have some results. Anyway, I have rambled on enough, and if you would care to let me know where to go, it will be much appreciated. Thanks

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    hatchers pass
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    Thumbs up Yeah, Hatcher's Pass

    I would try driving the pass road early in the morning. You'll probably see ruffs and spruce hens on the way up, and then surely see ptarmigan up in the draws. Good luck, and good for you getting your kid out.

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    Thanks alot for the info. good luck to ya!

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    This is out of your way a little bit, but up Petersville road in the early hours I seen many grouse, I should of brought my 20 ga. cause there were sure no moose out there anyways....

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    QUestion - is this the closest place to Anchorage also? Not looking for anyones 'secret' spot - just wanting to take my new pup out with my 11yr old - and find some birds. Grouse/Ptarmigan/???

    Thanks for any and all direction!


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    Default Peters creek

    Try the Peters creek trail out in Chugiak. It falls under the "Remainder of 14C" area in the regs book. The trail head is kind of hard to find (it's pretty small) but it is up the hill (to the east) off of S. Peters creek exit. Ski road then right on Whaley. Follow it up the steep hill (a few miles) till you see the trailhead on the right hand side.

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