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Thread: how to catch my lone wolf?

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    Default how to catch my lone wolf?

    I have a black lone wolf that trots the same path almost weekly. It would be the present of a lifetime for my wife. Any tips on how I can take this elusive creature without spoiling the hunt? People have seen it and it is in an area frequented by people.

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    Not sure of your situation as you say many people are in the area. If I was out in the woods without many people, I would find the trail slip in from the side and set a #9 in a foot print (I'm thinking snow here). I usually try to set the trap from behind a tree so there is no disturbance in the wolf trail. This set is usually 100% as it is a blind set and with a clean trap, they don't know its there.

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    I would do like northway said only set several snares along the trail it is using. However if it is in a high use area I would most likley leave it alone unless i knew I could connect on it in an area no one would see. If it comes through once a week where is the rest of the week? Figure out more of it's loop and maybe you can find a place to intercept it where people normaly do not travel
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    Otterman, I don't know mutch about hunting wolves but I do know people and if there are people in an area walk a mile and you will be alone.
    I would guess that following the trail for a mile or so would produce a good location to set the trap.


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