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Thread: What kind of gun is it?

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    Question What kind of gun is it?

    Today when helping a guide friend with a dead horse(he was not having a good day) I was talking to his clients. These guys were from across the pond and took to my son and later started talking with me. They were both using a rifle that the bolt was just pulled straight back to operate. One of them was a synthetic stock blued barrel the other a very fancy stock blued barrel and the biggest muzzle brake I have ever seen outside of the military. I know its not alot to go on but maybe someone knows.

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    Default could be?

    Not much detail but could be Blaser 93. If they had squarish shaped receivers, fairly fancy looking and had switch barrel/take-down capability? Somewhat popular with the European hunters.

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    Possibly a Mauser straight pull M96?


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