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Thread: 338 - Hornady 250 Grain Round Nose

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    Default 338 - Hornady 250 Grain Round Nose

    I'm considering loading up a batch of Hornady 250 grain round nose loads for my 338 win mag to carry in bear country while hunting elk and/or bear in Colorado (black bears) and Montana (black and grizzly).
    My biggest concern is in Montana where grizzly can be a potential problem after an elk is downed or surprising a female with cubs.
    Anybody out there have any experience with these hammers? Any good reloading recipe suggestion for a Ruger SS Model 77 or Browning Stainless Stalker in that caliber?

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    I use 67 grains of H4350 for the Hornady 250 grain RN, and it's accurate in my rifle. The velocity is under 2700 fps.

    I'm not a bear expert, and haven't shot one, but that's my bear protection load.

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    Thumbs up 250 Hornady RN

    I use these bullets alot in my .338 Win. They are very accurate in my rifle. I shot a black bear a few years ago using these bullets. It penetrated virtually the length of the animal and then exited. I have them going somewhere around 2600 f.p.s. out of a 24 inch barrel and the shot was about 100 yards. My recipe is 67.0 grains of IMR 4831 with a Federal 215M primer. I am shooting a Remington 700 BDL. IMO these would be great bullets for Montana grizzly bears.

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    I like 69.0 gr. of IMR 4350 with the 250gr. Partition. It shoots about 2630 FPS out of my 22" barrel. I might even consider the 250gr. A-Frame for a bear protection load.

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    For 250 grainers:

    73.0 gr H4831SC
    Fed 215

    Been using this recipie for quite a long time . . .


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