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Thread: Suzuki 750axi EPS vs Grizzly 700

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    Default Suzuki 750axi EPS vs Grizzly 700

    Im not looking at getting an atv anytime soon. this is just for future reference.After looking at previous fourms and reading as many reviews as I could find I've narrowed it down to these two. the grizzly has more fuel capacity and more ground clearance, it also weights a bit less. I would be using it mostly for hunting and a bit of work around the house. My uncle has a grizzly and can take it just about anywhere where my other uncle it more of a kingquad suzuki guy. what are the pros and cons of both machines and what problems could i expect from both? ask questions if I was a bit to vague.

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    I just went through this very decision making purchase and even without EPS I chose the King Quad. This link has some of my own observations.

    One more thing, dont get all caught up in all the numbers in the specs cuz you will not notice any of em when you drive both. The test drive is what helped me make my decision, no matter how many questions i asked on forums and no matter how much I researched on the net and in magazines. They are both good quads, but which one you will like better I said, getting on both will determine that.

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    Default Grizz vs. KQ

    Use the search function as there is a lot of information on these two 4wheelers posted already.

    They're both great quads. The Yamaha has power steering, while the KQ has a bit more engine power and a smoother, quieter engine. That's about the sum of their differences.


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